What Causes Bad Breath??? How to Prevent Bad Breath???

What Causes Bad Breath??? How to Prevent Bad Breath???

bad breath refers to a dental problem in which a foul smell
comes out of the mouth of an individual. Bad breath is also known as the
medical condition of Halitosis. People who do not have this problem may think
that this is not a big problem but the people who suffer from this problem are
troubled a lot by it. Bad breath lower down the confidence of the people and
they feel it difficult to mix up with other people. 

Here are the main causes
behind bad breath.

 First, improper brushing or irregular brushing is one of the
main causes of bad breath. If a person does not brush his teeth on regular
basis then food particles will stay stuck in his mouth. With time, these food
particles will rot and a foul smell will start coming out of them. Therefore,
brushing teeth regularly is very important for getting rid of bad breath.


Second, there are some food items that have a strong smell.
People should avoid eating food items like garlic, fish, cheese, exotic spices,
etc.; in order to get rid of bad breath. These foods are known for their strong
smell. Eating these foods gives birth to a foul smell in the mouth.


Third, people whose mouths are dry also face the problem of
bad breath. A dry mouth is a major cause of bad breath. People who have dry mouths
should drink water, chew bubble gums, and breathe through the nose. Saliva
production is important for draining off food particles present in the mouth.

bad breath bad breath bad breath

Fourth, people who have a habit of smoking or chewing
tobacco products are more likely to suffer from the problem of bad breath.
Tobacco has such a strong smell that anyone can smell it from the mouth of a
person who has consumed it. Therefore, people should avoid smoking and
consuming any tobacco product for getting rid of bad breath. Tobacco products
are injurious to health and lead to different types of cancer.

Fifth, there are different medical conditions that give
birth to the problem of bad breath. Medical conditions like throat infection,
periodontal diseases, diabetes, chronic sinusitis, etc. may give birth to bad


Sixth, people who have dentures or any other dental
appliance in their mouth may also suffer from bad breath. This is because food
particles do not get cleaned from dentures and dental appliances properly.


How to Prevent Bad Breath???

Prevent Bad BreathA a large number of people suffer from the
dental problem of bad breath. Though bad breath is not related to the
deterioration of teeth, it creates a hurdle in communication between two
people. People who have bad breath find it embarrassing to hear some comment
from someone about it. Nobody wants to be pointed out for bad breath. In order
to prevent bad breath, people use mouth fresheners, brush their teeth after
every meal, and try various other ways. 

Following are some of the best methods
to prevent bad breath.


First, always brush your teeth in a regular manner. Never
forget to brush your teeth after waking up in the morning. Apart from this, you
should also clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. A large number of people
clean their teeth but forget to clean their tongues. Tongue cleaning is
important for the removal of bacteria in the mouth. Improper or irregular
brushing or not cleaning the tongue is the main cause of bad breath.


Second, after cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush and
scraping your tongue with a tongue cleaner, you should rinse your mouth in a thorough manner with cool and freshwater.


Third, various foods like garlic, eggs, fish, meat, onion
are popular for causing bad breath. If you like to eat a lot of these foods
then you should brush your teeth after eating them. It is best to avoid eating
these foods for preventing bad breath. Instead of these foods, people should
eat fresh and green leafy vegetables. It is also very important to drink a lot
of water for getting rid of bad breath.


Prevent Bad Breath Prevent Bad Breath Prevent Bad Breath


Fourth, keep your mouth moist. Dry mouth is one of the main
causes of bad breath. When the mouth is dry then food particles stay stuck in
between teeth. If your mouth becomes dry easily then you should chew bubble
gums, drink lots of water and breathe from your nose.


Fifth, you can check whether the bad breath is coming out of
your mouth or not. If you notice bad breath coming out of your mouth anytime
then you should rinse your mouth with plain water.

If it does not reduce bad
breath then you should brush your teeth. However, one should not brush his
teeth more than 2 times a day as it may damage the enamel of teeth.

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