Try Not to Laugh

Man can
never hide three things
! Love! Cough! And the sound of eating papad
The card is the only great game in the world
in which men 
He picks up Begum and throws her away
Some people insult by taking permission (“Say
one thing if you don’t mind”)
History is a witness

I’ve seen
everything takes a
U-turn since childhood. Except for
shoe was thrown by the mother
Reaching the
girl for 20 years. It takes at
30 to 35 years

The boys
sitting in the
in the class sits in the first row of the Mosque on the day of the result.

Only virgins can change the situation of the country. Even married people cannot change the channel of their own free will

The resemblance of wife and sun… After staring at both of them, there is no light in the eyes.

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