Top 9 Men Health Tips to Last Longer in Bed, Get More Sexually Active 💪💪

Tips to Last Longer in Bed

This article suggests the top nine meant health tips that help to last longer in bed and get more sexually active.

do you have any health queries if you have any questions or need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us feel free to email your queries and remedies up you’re she the rate or simply post your queries right here in the comment area everyone will wish to enjoy sex life to the fullest when it comes to men he must be sexually fit to satisfy his partner with multiple climaxes?

yes, this is possible by following the mentioned men’s health tips you will last longer in bed to do more than one caution

top nine men health tips

Brisk Walk

You must go for a brisk walk an hour before copulation to last longer in bed with your partner this will increase the blood flow towards the male genital to make them hard.

Eat Healthily

Consume food rich in proteins and minerals being vegetarian is the best option you must drink fresh fruit juices do include avocado watermelon almonds chocolate eggs peaches and walnuts in your daily diet.

Physical Exercises

You can get more sexually active by doing physical exercises daily for an hour in the morning strength training Kegel’s yoga walking and swimming may all improve sexual function and libido and men.


Water is the elixir of life you must drink at least six to eight liters of water daily to maintain your sexual health dehydration can reduce blood volume and affect moods a person may find that drinking water can help with maintaining an erection


There are a few yoga saunas for male sexual wellness such as cat-cow flu bound angle post pigeon pose Eagle pose practicing these yoga poses on a daily or a similarly frequent basis may help men enjoy improved sexual health.


You must indulge in at least 30 minutes’ foreplay before intercourse to last longer in bed foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose helping prepare both mind and body for sex.

Eat Less

Before making love after a meal your body tends to digest food and digestion takes a lot of energy and blood these two things are important for a man’s performance beneath the sheets when you have sex after-meal blood and energy that he needs correction is sent to the stomach for digestion though it’s not impossible to have sex when you’re full it’s just that you might not have the best of your sexual performance.

Pelvic Massage

Do pelvic massage with the help of your partner daily this is the natural way to get a rock-hard erection for a longer time you can ask your partner to do this massages foreplay for him.

Maintained your BMI

Body Mass Index keep your body mass index at the right measure try to shed weight if you are obese a fit body is always sexually active the high Body Mass Index MI can also lower testosterone levels the hormone is often known for creating a person’s sex drive it is advisable to follow these men’s health tips and consume this herbal remedy to get more sexually active for men on the bed you must drink plenty of water during this course you must eat a balanced diet and stop all bad habits like smoking alcohol and consuming junk foods the men can follow the above-mentioned men’s health tips to be more active in bed.

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