The correct way to prevent atypical pneumonia

The correct way to prevent atypical pneumonia

 (data provided by He Xianliang registered Chinese physician)

In order to avoid life-threatening atypical pneumoniathe people of Hong
Kong can be described as a treasure trove. 
Everyone has done enough in the
diet, defense, and personal 
hygiene. Everyone is vigilant to prevent the
infection and 
the rapid spread of the virus.

In terms of diet prevention, there is a soup recipe circulating in the market,
the main medicinal materials are 

Banlangen, Gangemi root, honeysuckle,
Forsythia, Daqingye, 
etc. This prescription is mainly for colds and
When the body has a cold or inflammation, these medicinal materials do have good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. 

It is important to know that the source of “atypical pneumonia” is a
virus. In modern medicine, Western medicine has very few 
effective drugs to
deal with diseases caused by viruses, and 
most of the diseases caused by
viruses, such as: For the simple 
cold virus, no real effective medicine has
been developed yet. 

To prevent the virus, the most practical way is to
kill the virus 
by relying on its own immunity. However, because the “SARS” virus spreads strongly and rapidly, it makes everyone fearful.

In the treatment of “SARS”, Chinese medicine mainly uses medicinal
materials to enhance the body’s immunity.  
The effectiveness of Radix
Isatis, honeysuckle, and Forsythia 
can kill most viruses and bacteria. It
can also increase the 
number of white blood cells and lymphocytes in the body’s
disease-fighting system and enhance phagocytic ability. 
Therefore, it is very
useful for curing diseases caused 
by viruses. effective.

The above-mentioned soup recipes circulated in the market are suitable for
patients who have developed symptoms of 
“SARS” or who have been in
contact with patients who are 
suspected of being infected. Because the
soup tends to be cold 
and cold, it is not suitable for regular consumption.

If people who are not sick drink this recipe, it will damage the body’s
righteousness. The weak will feel dizzy and nauseous, 
making the body weaker
and more susceptible to infection. 

For men, it may be Conditions that lead to
ejaculation and decreased libido, and severe cases can lead to
impotence. Therefore, anyone who has not been diagnosed 
and treated by a professional doctor should not take this prescription frequently.

The most correct way to prevent any disease is to try to enhance the body’s
immunity. The primary reason for 
the decline of the body’s immunity should be
the accumulation 
of too many free radicals in the body, so eliminating excessive free radicals in the body are the best way to prevent diseases.

The main reasons for reducing the body’s immunity are as follows:

1.   Exposure or long-term exposure to

2.   Long-term influence by
electromagnetic waves and radiation.

3.   Eat fried or grilled food often.

4.  Often eat artificial chemically
processed foods, 
such as preservatives,  artificial flavors, and colors.

5.   Physical exhaustion, excessive

6.  Long-term exposure to polluted
such as air and water quality.

The main methods to enhance the body’s immune system are as follows:

1.   Eat natural foods that are grown without

2.   Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Because vegetables and fruits contain
a lot of vitamins 
A, C, and “bioflavonoids”, they can eliminate free

4.   Drink more green tea.

5.   Appropriate exercise.

6.   Work and rest regularly and get
enough rest.

7.   Always keep a cheerful mood.

8. Avoid eating too many chemically
processed foods, 
such as preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors.

9.   Avoid eating too much fried, fried,
and grilled food.

10.  Avoid using microwave ovens for

Who is susceptible to “SARS“?

Under the contaminated environment of air, water, and food, coupled with poor
diet and work and rest habits, people with 
irritability and infirmity are most
susceptible to the virus, 
especially those who smoke and drink too much.

Prevent infection with “SARS

1.   Pay attention to personal, household,
and public hygiene.

2.  Maintain good eating habits and avoid
fried, fried, 
spicy and irritating foods.

3.   No smoking or alcohol.

4.   Go to bed early and get up early,
work and rest time.

5.   Exercise moderately.

6.   Keep calm and cheerful.

7.   Avoid contact with sick patients.

8.   Avoid crowded places and public

9.   Wear a mask to prevent infection.

10. Use public chopsticks.

11. Eat more foods that can improve the
body’s immunity. For example fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, etc

Now, we provide two
soup recipes that can improve immunity 
and prevent “SARS“:

The above serving size is suitable for 4 people. You can add lean meat
according to your personal preference and boil it in 
water for 3 hours. It can
be sweet or savory.

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