Reasons for Fruits Turning Brown

Simple Tricks to Prevent it

We come across endless issues when coming to the kitchen and a few of the issues are very regular and we desperately look for an easy trick to solve them.


Why do fruits turn brown after cutting?

One of the common issues is fruits turning brown after we cut. When we cut fresh fruits like apples, the internal cells in the fruit are damaged and those damaged cells when exposed to air react and result in the formation of an enzyme polyphenol that causes iron oxide to form a layer.


In this post, let us see some simple and effective tips to prevent fruits from turning brown.


Soak fruits in cold water

After cutting the fruits, they are exposed to oxygen, and to prevent it from reacting, soak the cut fruits in cold water. Take care that the cut fruits are soaked fully and not partially.


Soak fruits in saltwater

As per the tips from the food experts, they suggest soaking the fresh-cut fruits in a saltwater solution for 3-5 minutes. To prepare the saltwater solution add half a teaspoon of salt per quarter of water.


Wrap fruit using an elastic band

After you cut the fruits, again put the cut pieces in the original shape and wrap them tightly using a rubber band so that the cut part is not exposed to air.


Lemon juice prevents fruits from turning brown

Another simple and effective solution is to dip the fruits in fresh lemon juice as it contains citric acid slows down the enzymatic reaction and can prevent fruits from turning brown.


Ginger ale

You can also soak fruits in ginger ale or any soda with citric acid to prevent fruits from turning brown. Soda may change the taste of the fruit so to balance it, sprinkle some white sugar to reduce the soda effect on fruits.


Airtight bags

If you have no time to follow the above tips, simply you can have a stock of readily available air-tight sealed plastic bags to prevent cut fruits from turning brown.


Sprinkle ascorbic acid powder

Ascorbic acid is nothing but Vitamin C and is easily available in any health food store. You can sprinkle the ascorbic acid powder on fresh-cut fruits and you can put them at room temperature or even refrigerate.


Hope you find the article helpful. Comment your views after trying these simple tips to prevent fruits from turning brown.

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