Raw mangoes benefits in pregnancy

Green mango health benefits

We make many dishes using raw mango and especially on Ugadi we prepare raw mango recipes like pickles, dal, and even mango rice pulihora.


Let us check out the amazing health benefits of raw mangoes in this post.


Raw Mango Health Benefits

Green mango if taken in pieces sprinkled with salt cuts down dehydration and will retain the water percentage in your body.



In Summer we sweat a lot and our body will lose iron and sodium chloride from our body through excess sweating. So to replenish our body with these chemicals, we have to eat pieces of raw mango or can consume the juice of mango.


Mangoes if consumed in a limited amount make you free from indigestion, constipation, and vomiting sensation.


Consumption of green mangoes helps to improve the immune system. It activates the cells and you can also prevent anemia with mangoes as it contains iron.




When you are affected by sunstroke, you have to drink raw mango boiled in water. This boiled raw mango juice relieves you from tiredness and fatigue. It gives you relief from sunstroke.


Have you ever wondered why pregnant women like to eat raw mangoes during pregnancy, this is because raw mangoes give them relief from the vomiting sensation if they eat them after they wake up?


Raw mangoes for pregnant women are very beneficial, if pregnant women eat or smell a raw mango, they will get relief from nausea, which is usually felt by many pregnant women during early hours.


Raw mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin C and Antioxidants compared to fruits which are very much beneficial for maintaining the heart’s health.

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