Quinoa SuperFood – Quinoa Health Benefits | Quinoa for weight loss | How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa SuperFood – Quinoa Health Benefits | Quinoa Nutrition Facts

In this article, we bring you some of the most amazing Quinoa health benefits while also throwing light on Quinoa for weight loss and giving you an introduction to delicious Quinoa Recipes.


For starters, Quinoa is an Andean plant that is grown predominantly in South American countries such as Bolivia and Peru. Belonging to the goosefoot genus family and known scientifically as Chenopodium quinoa, Quinoa is regarded as a Superfood with its seeds having innumerable health benefits. For this very reason, Quinoa is considered the Queen of Grains. This grain shot to international fame when the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations declared the year 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa. As you keep reading this article, you would come to know more about Quinoa nutrition facts; we will also tell you about the Quinoa weight loss benefits.


While the leaves of Quinoa are consumed as a leafy vegetable just like amaranth, it’s the seeds of this plant that are more popular and easily available in the market. Although Quinoa is primarily cultivated in Peru and Bolivia, its edible seeds are now available worldwide as their goodness is being spread across globally.


Quinoa in Different Languages | Quinoa Synonyms

  • Quinoa in Hindi – Known as Quinoa only
  • Quinoa in Telugu – Quinoa in Telugu is known as Korralu and also as Sajjalu
  • Quinoa in Tamil – Quinoa in Tamil is known as Thinai
  • Quinoa in Kannada – Quinoa in Kannada is known as Navane
  • Quinoa in Chinese – Quinoa Chinese name is Xiao Mi
  • Quinoa in Spanish – Quinua
  • Quinoa Benefits | Quinoa Calories

Quinoa has earned a reputation as being an all-in-one medicine for indigestion, weight loss, headache, suppressing appetite, and brain stimulation. This is because Quinoa contains all the essential nutrients which will be discussed below in detail. Once you read it, you would know why Quinoa is also known as “Mother of all Grains”. So by including Quinoa in your daily diet, you can get all the required nutrients to stay healthy. Then what about Quinoa Calories? It is believed that a single cup of Quinoa in cooked form contains about 222 calories.


Quinoa Health benefits


Quinoa Nutrition Facts and Quinoa Calcium Content

Now let us see in detail Quinoa’s nutritional value. When compared to other cereals and grains, Quinoa is rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. The general belief is that cow’s milk has a rich source of calcium. Having said that, did you know that Quinoa calcium content is more than that in cow’s milk? Quinoa is also rich in minerals like manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper. Soluble fiber is also present in abundant amounts in Quinoa. This “Mother of all Grains” is also a rich source of vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Niacin, and Thiamine.


Quinoa Weight Loss Benefits

So is Quinoa good for losing weight? Well, if you are thinking of a dieting program, then you should look to use quinoa for weight loss. Quinoa is easily digested as it contains an abundant amount of fiber. If you make it a part of your diet, your blood sugar levels will be maintained normally, which is why Quinoa benefits Diabetics in a big way. This “Queen of Grains” is also a good source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. So by taking Quinoa if you want to do dieting, it helps you a lot in your weight loss program. When compared to other grains, the cholesterol level in Quinoa is low. The low cholesterol that is present is also available in useful forms like useful fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids. These useful and essential fatty acids in Quinoa also remove the bad cholesterol present in the body.


Quinoa Iron Content

Quinoa is a rich source of iron. The iron content which we get from Quinoa is beneficial for the formation of healthy blood in our body. It also supplies oxygen to all the cells of the body. Quinoa also helps in controlling body temperature.


Quinoa Protein Content

Proteins are required in huge amounts for all the organs of the body to function normally. They take care of easy digestion, body growth, and nervous system functions. Quinoa is a good source of proteins, compared to wheat and barley. It also contains more proteins compared to eggs.


Quinoa as a Heart-Healthy Food

Magnesium and other minerals present in Quinoa accelerate the metabolic rate of our body. By this, it helps in the healthy functioning of the heart and blood circulation.


Quinoa as a Bone Strengthening Food

We have already seen that Quinoa is a good source of calcium. So how much calcium is in Quinoa? Well, in a single cup of boiled Quinoa, we can get 30 mg of calcium. This calcium helps us to strengthen our bones and teeth.


Quinoa Fiber Content – How Much Fiber is in Quinoa?

As we have seen, Quinoa aids in proper digestion. If you suffer from an indigestion problem, you can try Quinoa to repair the problem as the fiber content present in it is quite high. Not just in helping you out with your indigestion problems, you can also count on Quinoa to be a reliable fiber-rich food for weight loss.


Quinoa as a Headache Relieving Food

If you are suffering from headaches regularly, include Quinoa in your diet. Riboflavin and Vitamin B2 present in Quinoa act as a vasodilator and dilate the blood vessels of the brain to give you relief from headaches.


Quinoa as a Brain Stimulating Food

Vitamin B present in Quinoa maintains the healthy functioning of the brain and keeps you fresh. By regular intake of Quinoa, you can work with enhanced concentration and more enthusiasm.


Now by reading this, I am sure that you are eager to make Quinoa part of your diet right? Then without wasting any time, check out this amazing offer on Quinoa that we have.


Quinoa Recipes | How to Cook Quinoa

Now that you have read about the many Quinoa health benefits, you must be wondering as to how to cook Quinoa. You may also be anxious as to what Quinoa tastes like. No worries, there are many online resources already that will tell you about delicious Quinoa recipes, Quinoa Salad Recipes, Quinoa Upma, various Quinoa dishes for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

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