Problems of Oily Scalp | Reasons for Itchy Scalp

Problems of Oily Scalp | Reasons for Itchy Scalp

Problems of Oily Scalp: Bad Hair Condition

An oily scalp is a bad hair condition that has to be
covered up with a scarf or a hat. There are hair types that secrete a lot of
sebum and this causes oily scalp and hair.

An oily scalp makes your hair look very oily and it looks limp and without any
gloss. Some people are of opinion that the use of harsh detergents to the hair
would cause the hair to lose much oil but the idea is very wrong. This would
only dry the scalp more causing itchiness. If the hair is dry but there is an
oily scalp problem then a mild conditioner could work.

natural remedy to oil hair would be to look for jojoba oil. This contains many
properties similar to that of the sebum which is present in hair to reduce
dryness of hair. Jojoba helps in treating hair and skin problems.

The use of Rosemary oil is good for oily hair which is a
natural cleanser of the scalp and a stimulator of the roots. The tea tree oil
is used for taking out excess oil and fight dandruff and bacteria. Sage is
often used to get rid of excess oil and make the hair shafts look thick.

Eucalyptus oil is used for getting back the balance in
hair and Chamomile is used for the shine of hair. There are some essential
ingredients like sorbitol, menthol, citric acid, starch, and menthol to help
control the oiliness in hair.

We should always aim at having hair that has an easy
balance and is manageable.
The ingredients mentioned above help to keep off extra oil from the hair and
make it easier to style. Extra oils and moisturizers are not to be used as
these may damage hair to a large extent.

If you can really look into your oily hair problem and come
up with the right treatment for your hair that makes your hair manageable and
healthy that is the best treatment for your hair. With proper care and precision, you can work towards making your hair the most gorgeous looking
healthy hair that would be the envy of your friends.

Reasons for Itchy Scalp: The best ways of curing it

An itchy scalp is an extremely pathetic condition. Imagine
yourself at work, at the bus stop, at the party, at a seminar, scratching away
with all your might on that extremely itchy scalp of yours. The causes,
however, could be many. Dandruff, head lice, acne are reasons for itchy scalp.
There could be scalp psoriasis also.

Itchy scalp problems could occur due to hair products that
are used on the scalp. These products could be harsh and so is the agent for
cleansing. Sodium laurel sulfate should be avoided and there are other constituents
in the hair products that should be done away with. Deep bacteria present at
the root of the hair can cause itches and also serious hair problems like hair
thinning. In the case of an itchy scalp, a follicle analysis can be done and this
analysis can help to guide you in the right direction for a solution.

scalp often causes itches and using a shampoo with a good conditioner can help
the hair to get moisture and stay soft. Jojoba oil and Emu Oil is good for
bringing that extra bounce and shine to the hair and causing the scalp to get

Dandruff also causes itches and the best help with dandruff
is medicated shampoo as well as homemade ingredients. There is a product
called Follicleanse. Scalp Psoriasis is also treated by Follicleanse. The
flaking and itching of the scalp are due to this disease scalp psoriasis.
Shampoo made with sage, thyme, fenugreek is also helpful in treating various
scalp itches and hair problems.

With the virtue of the internet, we have loads of information
on the treatment of itchy scalp and the best products to be used for getting
rid of a scratchy scalp. We can ideally go for research and gather information
on the various ways to deal with an itchy scalp.

That would pave the way to healthy hair and scalp in no
time. So if itches appear on the scalp it is best to visit a doctor and seek

An itchy scalp could be the onset of many hair problems and it is very
essential that it should be treated with care to keep the problem under

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