Pacific Medical teaches two different types of Medical Billing Services

Pacific Medical Billing teaches two different types of Medical Billing Services to custom fit your lifestyle needs

Pacific Medical understands that it is important to find a business opportunity that best suits you.

This is why we teach you how to start, manage, and grow an Electronic Claims Submission service, as well as a Full-Service Billing Center. You can even offer training, consulting, and sales. The advantages and challenges of each opportunity are explained clearly during the seminar. This knowledge allows you to leave the seminar ready and capable of setting up whatever business option will best suit you and your lifestyle. You may want to start small, doing only electronic claims, and later decide to offer a full billing service. You have the insight of what it takes from the beginning, after being trained through Pacific Medical.

Electronic Claims Submission

Full-Service Billing Center
The Full-Service Billing Center business allows you to have total control over your clients’ billing. This is for the small business owner who wants to interact with the client and respond to patients’ questions regarding their accounts. It usually only takes three or four clients to have a full-time business depending on your income requirements. Activities

    • Pick up patient information from clients’ offices once each week.
    • Set–up patient information on your computer.
    • Enter charges for each office visit/procedure on your computer.
    • Transmit electronic claims and receive audit reports with software.
    • Print paper claims for any carrier unable to accept electronic claims.
    • Post payments received from insurance carriers and patients. The money is sent to your clients’ offices; they deposit checks and give you a copy of the notice of payment.
    • Print and mail patient statements.
  • Respond to patient calls regarding their account. Usually, the calls come directly to your office.
  • Follow-up on any unpaid claims using the patient and insurance aging reports that are produced by MediSoft® software.
  • Print month-end production reports for your clients: practice analysis, aging accounts receivable, and referral reports.
  • Get paid Relax! Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!

Your Fee
Your fee is based on a percentage of the amount you collect for your client, ranging from 4 to 10 percent, with an average of 6 to 8 percent.

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