India Bans PUB G, 117 More Chinese Apps

PUBG Banned In India After Face off With China In Ladakh | Breaking News


Against the Chinese, the Modi government has gone ahead and banned in India the wildly popular mobile game Pub G from China. it is now been banned in India formally they have been some suspense over the weather for Pub G would be banned up India is gone headband.

Tiktok and several other apps now the government has officially banned Pub G in India. 118 Chinese mobile apps including Pub G now stand band got live for more on the suspense over into the Blacklist by India.

118 apps have now been added to that list including Pub G banned by the information and technology ministry and shaved Indian. alternate to all of these is the big focus as part of Barratt reduce dependence on China.

as much as you can and these are all very gradual Stepping Stones automatically putting China out of 5G trials and that will be one big signal India takes the step follows and shine also realises that and some sleep better goes ahead with it.

after Tiktok in the others, they’ve gonna head out go spongy yeah sure if you look at in the government strategy over the last 2 days you have been reporting how’s there is been researching change in strategy.

Indian military force field for the first 2 days been on the other hand over the last the one man there been certain measures announced by the government as well as economic measures that concern and I think in continuation to that the government is creating more orders Chinese Economic and business interests in the country Atkins released by the government.

that it is largely because of the emergent nature of trade as decided to block 118 mobile apps where it is trying to stay there is straight from this Chinese integrity and sovereignty of countries concern.

yesterday is somewhere very consistent behaviour emerging I spoke to several people and the government and what day is saying that they will be a greater sense of cautious aggression as far as the India sterling or chatting with China and officials concerned in the coming days’ big situation.

where we’ve had two bits of breaking news one on the ground in Ladakh and one through people smartphones busy wildly popular mobile game Pub G. I want to bring you in on that because you’re also you know tapped into that whole thing but the economic punitive measures being taken by India manifesting themselves to this app then and now.

tripods as well Suddenly infected government as round pointed out the government is Unleashed full spectrum against the Chinese they have made it very clear that their actions are not going to be limited.

only to ladder across the business the political and diplomatic Spears ties between the two countries are Ford Fiesta lowers today in the last then they have been in the last 30 years old most given the violations that the Chinese have done in the last few days.

and this I’m sure is something that the Pillar did not wargame into the strategy they did not think that the sports pull out into so many other domains and the government is the indication girls shavers that the government is restricting.

China’s access to this huge Indian market one of the largest the second-largest market in the world ship for 5G technology for gaming you name it and we are at least the second-largest market in the wall and government is making a very very difficult but China to enter this market share anything you’re hearing about the reason.

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