How to Weight Loss Can Save Your Knees

Weight Loss Can Save Your Knees

Being overweight or obese brings lots of health issues and complications in your way and chronic knee pain is on the top list the over-weighted people are facing these days. According to health experts, dropping some of your pounds can help you to get rid of the osteoarthritis (the most common joint disorder) that millions of people around the globe are facing nowadays. Your body weight and knee pain have a direct link with each other as your excess body weight puts additional stress on your joints that bear your whole weight (knees are at the top of them) that can cause an abnormal joint disorder. In simple words, abnormal weight gain is continuously opening the door to chronic pain and disability that you can stop via weight loss.

How Obesity can cause knee pain

If you are walking with a body weight that is not between 18.5 and 24.9 (which is a healthy BMI score according to health care specialists), you will feel that your walk is not smooth as it should be. When you carry extra weight, your knees will give you the rough ride that can cause serious chronic knee pain which is at the number second right after the lower back pain that the obese population is suffering from. The leg bones that meet in your knees are covered with cartilage, and it is something amazing that provides you a smooth walk without affecting your bones. And the extra weight of your body than a healthy BMI score puts extra stress on the cartilage than a healthy weight which is enough to damage it to give you knee pain. Osteoarthritis (as it is mentioned in recent lines that is a joint disorder), has a rational link with obesity. An extra amount of weight on the joint puts more stress on the cartilage and will wear the joint down soon. Obesity increases the risk of knee pain four times than a person with a healthy weight so improve healthy habits to shed your extra pounds down from the body to keep your knees in working condition for a long time.

Dropping some weight will save your knees

You can simply prevent knee and joint pain by managing your extra weight naturally. If you are wondering about ‘how weight loss can save your knees’, here we have some natural tips that you must follow to prevent knee pain. Inactivity can root cause of obesity so try to keep yourself busy in healthy activities and develop a fitness plan to boost up the weight loss process healthily. Adopt some good but flexible workout and exercise activities according to your body structure. Even walking for a few minutes a day can also help you a lot in getting your body shape by dropping your extra weight down. Squats are the recommended exercise for back pain relief. To do this, make sure you are standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and try to push the hip down and back till the hip crease is below the level of your knees. Keep your arms straight ahead during the activity and repeat it seven to ten times to get better results.

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