How to Use Peppermint Oil for Skin

Peppermint Oil Skin Benefits

In this article, we will talk about the many peppermint oil benefits for the skin and how to use peppermint oil for skin to get the desired results for your skin.


Well in summers, we think twice before going out in the sun as our skin gets dehydrated due to high temperature and we may face many health issues. Excessive sweating may lead to bacterial skin infections and various related issues. To solve all of these skin problems, peppermint oil works well. Peppermint oil protects your skin and leaves a soothing effect on your skin. Let us see how to use peppermint oil for skin to not only protect it but also to make it look more beautiful. Also, check out the detailed peppermint oil benefits for skin which will be revealed below.


How to Use Peppermint Oil for Skin


Peppermint Oil Sugar Scrub

Mix two cups of sugar, a quarter cup of almond oil, and one teaspoonful of peppermint oil. Mix them well. If the mixture is a little dilute, then you can add some more sugar to make it thick. You can store this mixture in a glass container and use it for one month. This peppermint oil sugar scrub can be used every day for bathing and by this, you can also regain your skin moisture which is lost by dehydration. Proper moisture is recommended for smooth skin. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil instead of almond oil.


Peppermint Oil Salt Scrub

Take three tablespoonfuls of salt, two spoonfuls of olive oil, and four drops of peppermint oil in a bowl. Mix them well. Apply this peppermint oil salt scrub to your face and neck region and massage gently. This mixture works as a scrub and removes the dead cells and dirt deposited on your skin. Thus this mixture brings back the lost shine and beautifies your skin.



Cucumber Mint Facial Mask

Take two spoons of grated Kheera (cucumber)  and 5 ml of peppermint oil and make it as a mixture. Also, add two spoonfuls of green clay. You can order green clay online or buy it from any supermarket. Apply the resulting cucumber mint facial mask on your face and allow it to dry completely. Wash your face with lukewarm water after a few minutes and enjoy the fresh feeling. This also prevents the secretion of excess oil from the oil glands of your face.


Peppermint Oil with Vitamin E

We have already mentioned the benefits of Vitamin E for Skin Care and Hair Care in the previous post. Take equal amounts of Vitamin E and jojoba oil and mix a few drops of peppermint oil into the mixture. This is very good for those who have pimples. You need to apply this mixture directly on pimples during nighttime to notice its good results.


We hope that you are convinced of the peppermint oil benefits for the skin and got your answer on how to use peppermint oil for skincare.

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