How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Eat right food items to prevent and control hair loss

All of us like to have shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair to be our crowning beauty. Hair fall is becoming a problem that disappoints people who take care of their hair the most. Hair loss is one of the common problems that millions of people all over the world suffer from. Even though it is painless, people get distressing experiences with hair loss, especially those who associate their hair with beauty. Some of the reasons for hair loss are as follows. Excessive application of chemicals on the hair such as hair coloring and styling treatments is the major problem.

Zinc-rich foods help in building the proteins for hair growth


Lack of nutrients essential for hair growth, hormone imbalance, unhealthy dietary habits, certain medications, tension, stress, alopecia, dandruff, and other disorders on the scalp are some of the other reasons. There are many methods to control and prevent hair loss. Some of them are taking hair treatments and eating the right food items supplying essential nutrients for hair growth.


Without a strong basement and foundation, any building and structure can fall. This is applied to the hair also. If people do not supply the right nutrients to their hair, then their hair will fall. So, people should start adding and eating the right diet for their hair. Following are some of the items that should be included by people in their diet for preventing hair loss. Omega-three fatty acids can easily reach the scalp of the head and cell membranes very deep into the scalp.


This can provide essential nourishment to follicles that do not only help in preventing hair loss but also help in promoting hair growth. Another thing that it can do is make the hair more elastic and avoid breaking the hair. Even this can cure dry and itchy skin and also prevent dandruff. Flaxseeds, salmon, sardines, soybeans, and walnuts are rich in this acid.


Zinc-rich foods help in building the proteins for hair growth forms DNA, and enhance tissue repair and growth. This also regulates the hormones that include testosterone. A high amount of this hormone can cause hair fall. Lean beef, nuts, chicken, pork, wheat germ, and spinach are rich in zinc. Another nutrient that should be added to the diet is protein. Since hair is made up using protein people should add protein-rich food to their diet.


Some of the eatables and products that are rich in protein are milk, yogurt, white meat, eggs, seafood like salmon, lentils, beans, and lean beef. Iron-rich foods such as red meat, egg yolks, prunes, raisins, leafy green vegetables, chickpeas, and beans should be added to the diet for having healthy hair and stopping hair fall. Apart from eatables, hair should be maintained its moisture level to avoid hair break and hair fall. Coconut oil massage, olive oil massage, and another oil massage on the scalp can help in maintaining the moisture of the hair. People can visit any beauty parlor or spa to have a hair massage. These massages can improve the blood circulation to the hair and on the scalp and help in hair growth.

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