How to remove Blackhead

Know about blackhead removal masks and blackhead treatment at home

Blackheads are formed on the nose as a result of oil and dead cells on the skin. For blackhead treatment, you can follow some simple tips at home itself.


In this post, you can know about the blackhead removal mask and other ways to remove blackheads on the nose.


Blackhead removal masks for blackhead treatment

Blackhead removal mask with oats: Take two spoonfuls of oats, three spoons of curd, a spoonful of olive oil, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply them as a mask on the nose.


Blackhead removal mask#1 Ingredients


Oats – 2 spoons


Curd – 3 spoons


Olive oil – 1 spoon


Lemon Juice – few drops



Massage your nose gently and wash it with cold water after some time. Repeat this blackhead removal mask regularly to get rid of blackheads completely.


Blackhead removal mask using green tea: Take a quarter cup of green tea and dip a cotton swab in green tea. Rub your nose affected with blackheads with a dipped cotton swab.




Blackhead removal mask#2 Ingredients


Green tea – quarter cup


Cotton ball – one


Your nose will be cleared of blackheads after you wash your nose with cold water. Skin also becomes fresh and free from blackheads.


Blackhead removal mask using milk rose water and lemon juice: Apply unboiled milk to your nose and face. Afterward, mix rose water in lemon juice and apply this to your face.


Blackhead removal mask#3 Ingredients


Milk – Unboiled


Rose Water


Lemon Juice


Wash your face after ten minutes. With this simple tip, you can get rid of blackheads quickly and blackheads do not form again.

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