Hair Implant Procedures and Indications of Hair Loss should be treated with caution and care

Hair Implant Procedures and Indications of Hair Loss should be treated with caution and care

Do you know hair loss occurs daily? In spite of the fact that hair loss occurs daily, we do not tend to get bald because there is a re-growing of the lost hair. But in cases, where the re-growing stops, there is a hair loss problem that seeks medical attention almost immediately.
The follicles may get less nourishment due to problems with hormones, scalp infection, stress, illness, fever and flu, and heredity.

There are many ways for growing your hair back or checking baldness. This is done through medications and through natural remedies.
Another obvious treatment is hair implant. This is quite a permanent solution. In this process, hair follicles are taken out from one area of the scalp and implanted in the area that is without any hair. In this process, the surgeon removes a part of the hair from the back of the head and near the skull’s base.

This area is different genetically as they do not have the gene for the loss of hair in the follicles. A small scar is left and this scar is not noticeable in the scalp unless the head is shaved off.

The follicles are then kept in saline water and small incisions are made in the areas where there is a loss of hair. Each follicle is placed one by one thus creating a hairline. After the hairline is formed, then
the remaining follicles are implanted where the balding has occurred. This is the older procedure but in the new technique, there are hairs transplanted one or two at a time. The technique is monotonous and takes up much time but it does not require large areas of skin to be removed.

This also allows hair to be transplanted in the direction of its growth. The hair implant is a surgical procedure and it require complete medical attention and advice before venturing into the procedure. This is a safe process if it is undertaken by qualified practitioners and there is no cause to worry. It also saves a lot of hassles from day to day processes of hair care, massage, and a check up on general health. The hair implant process gives scope for a person suffering from the frustrations of hair loss, to revive his self-esteem and confidence, and get back to regular social activities once more.

Indications of Hair Loss should be treated with caution and care

Hair Loss is a distressing problem and more so, in the case of women. Women seem to lose hair due to different factors. It could be hereditary, due to diseases and even after an attack of flu. When you brush your hair, tufts of hair get attached to the comb or brush and that is a case of concern.

Hair loss can also happen due to poor nutrition and fewer vitamins and minerals in your diet. In the case of hereditary thinning, which is otherwise called androgenetic alopecia, hair loss factor generally comes down to the genes factor.
In this case, a medicine called the minoxidil applied twice to the scalp can help. Hair transplantation could be a necessary alternative solution. These should only be undertaken with the suggestions of a dermatologist.

Indications of Hair Loss should be treated with caution and care

The other indications of hair loss can be noticed if hair treatments like tints, dyes, bleaches, and straighteners are applied to hair. These cause hair loss as the hair becomes weaker and breaks off very easily. Another indication of hair loss is noticed with the disease

Alopecia Areata can be the cause of hair loss for women at any age. This results in round patches on the scalp of which hair falls off and  some cases, this can result in baldness.

This disease can be cured by dermatologists. Hair loss indications are also noticeable in women who suffer from thyroid disease. This can be treated by the doctor who is treating the disease of Thyroid. In case of flu or high fever or some infection, there could be severe hair loss which can be gradually healed with the use of nutritive food and medicine.

High doses of Vitamin A, medicines for gout, arthritis, heart disease, blood pressure, can result in hair loss conditions which can be checked through medicines and by improving health conditions. Hair loss can happen in women who are pregnant, lactating, and suffering from protein deficiency.
High protein intake results in good bouncy hair. Shining black hair is like beautiful attire to any woman. The hair that shines and shows marks of health also speaks of sound health for the person. Therefore care must be taken to keep healthy and fit.
The first indication of hair loss should be treated with care and caution. This would result in recovering from hair loss in a good time.

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