General Problems of Hair Loss | Easy Home Remedies for Dandruff

General Problems of Hair Loss | Easy Home Remedies for Dandruff

General Problems of Hair Loss

How to deal with general problems of hair loss

Hair Loss is quite a problem. Men and Women who face this
problem are distressed when they look into the mirror and notice the receding
hairline. Every day it is the same story that is repeated and people often
become less confident and suffer from frustration. This takes a toll on their daily
activities and in their daily lives. The problem of hair loss should be treated
almost immediately once the loss of hair is detected. You tend to lose a
certain amount of hair every day but if it is in tufts and it happens every time
you brush or comb your hair, you are in for a problem. You have to contact a
medical practitioner to have a check on your general health and find out why
you are losing hair.

A woman who is into pregnancy is a new mother, who is
lactating may tend to lose hair which would be later on revived after she
replenishes her diet with plenty of dietary supplements like proteins and other

Loss of hair could result from hormone imbalance which has
to be dealt with hormone therapy with the aid of a doctor. Hormone therapy works
well to get back lost hair and grow back the hair in time.

Hair loss also accounts for various diseases like diabetes,
blood pressure, and heart disease. Treatment of cancer through chemotherapy also
causes loss of hair. These diseases have to be checked and medicines taken to
prevent deterioration in health and loss of general health leads to bad skin
teeth and hair.

Dandruff or lice infection in the hair causes loss of hair
and it has to be treated with a lot of care. There are useful homemade remedies
for such infections and when treated with care and precision they can work
wonders in reviving your lost hair and brink back the shine in your dull life
less hair.

Some hairs are unkempt as people do take a lot of care of
their faces but often forget their hair, teeth, and nails. A proper oil massage
regularly helps to get the shine and bounce back and also helps to fortify the
follicles of hair. This prevents hair from falling off easily.

These general problems can result in immense hair loss thus
turning someone bald in no time. With specific care and proper medical aid, the
condition can be restored and hair loss can be checked.

Easy Home Remedies for Dandruff

Easy home remedies to get rid of the menace that dandruff is

Dandruff is a disturbing hair problem that makes you very
much self-conscious in the crowd. You cannot enjoy wearing your shining new
black suit or dress to the office party. Very soon, the black suit is covered
with powdery dandruff and it does make you feel so embarrassed. This is a
common problem and almost ninety-seven percent of Americans suffer from this

The first and easiest way to get rid of dandruff is by using
anti-dandruff shampoos which can help check dandruff. Of course, there are
other home remedies as well.

A mixture of vinegar and water is a very effective remedy
for dandruff. 2 teaspoons of vinegar are to be mixed with water, six teaspoons, and has to be applied to the scalp at bedtime. You can keep it on with a towel
wrapped around your head. The vinegar can be rinsed off in the morning. If you
treat your hair this way for a few months, it is bound to yield good results.

A teaspoon full of orange juice can also be mixed with 2
teaspoons of vinegar and the scalp have to be massaged thoroughly with this
solution. After this, you can use a dash of egg shampoo which would leave it
shining and dandruff free.

Indications of Hair Loss should be treated with caution
and care

A mixture that is homemade out of surgical spirit in two
parts, one part sulfur powder, almond oil in one part and rose water in 4
parts can help get rid of dandruff instantly. You can also boil dried thyme,
four to five of them in a cup of water and leave for an hour. You can have a
dandruff-free scalp soon. Fenugreek seeds can also be soaked in water and the
paste can be massaged into the head. Then it can be rinsed with shampoo.
Fresh lemon juice and witch hazel in water is also a perfect combination to
drive away dandruff and leave your hair silky smooth and with that extra bounce

Another quick and efficient home remedy is washing the hair
with apple cedar vinegar, leaving it on the hair for some time, and then rinsing
it with plain water. This process has to be repeated continuously. A mixture of
almond oil and olive oil can help. Aspirin the pain killer is said to have the qualities to ward off dandruff from the hair, the process is simple. You only
have to crush two tablets of aspirin and add it to the shampoo you use.

With a trial and error of any of these remedies for keeping
dandruff at bay, it should definitely work. Otherwise, you have to consult a
medical practitioner.

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