Easy Tips to maintain facial beauty

Women use
different methods to beautify their face. And many people try to use different
creams or beauty parlors if there are spots or pimples on the face or the skin
color is bad due to the influence of the weather.

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Which makes
the face radiant and radiant for a while but does not solve these problems
permanently and wastes money separately
Most of the
women cry due to lack of time and laziness. Due to this, they use such market
items for skin freshness and beauty and often say that using natural products
is a hard and tedious task.
If we work A little harder, we can achieve the desired beauty and results soon. Here are
some easy ways to get the best and useful for our skin in every season.

Take a lemon, glycerin, and rose liqueur and mix it by weight and put it in a clean bottle and keep it
in the fridge. It’s not just the facial expressions that need attention
Make it a
habit to use it on your hands and feet and you will see the results in a few

Steam can also be used to beautify your
face, which can easily remove all the grease and dirt from your face.
The steam
removes all the dirt and removes the dirt particles from the pores of the skin
For women
who have oily skin, if they take steam daily, it will be very beneficial for
And those
whose skin is normal should also take steam two or three times a week, it will
also keep their skin fresh.
To get
steam, boil water in a clean pot and cover your head with a towel to protect
your hair and close your eyes and steam for five to seven minutes and then wash
your face with cold water.
Sleep can also be used to beautify your
face. Most women sleep because of housework or because of young children and
most of the girls are educated because of mobile or TV. Can’t finish
Due to which
the freshness of his face is lost, his face is withered and there are signs of
fatigue on his face all the time.
it is very important to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet at the same
time. If possible, eat more vegetables and avoid fast food and chicken.
For dry
, take one egg,
glycerin, one teaspoon, almond oil, one teaspoon and honey, one teaspoon and
first beat the egg in such a way that it becomes foam, then glycerin oil,
almond and honey. Mix well
Then apply
this paste on the skin of face, neck, and hands and leave it on for 15 to 20
minutes and then wash it off with plain water.
And let the
skin dry without a towel. Do this three to four times a month. The skin will be
refreshed and soft.

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