Chronic Pain

Best Exercises for Reducing Chronic Pain

The people who are affected by chronic pain, can’t work properly, enjoy themselves with their family, and even are not able to make time for their social friends. There can be several reasons for chronic pain and fortunately, exercise can help soothe the situation without taking any medication or medical treatment. According to health professionals, exercise is a vital aspect of the natural treatment of chronic pain.

How Exercise can reduce chronic pain

Exercise is the best way to get relief from chronic pain because it makes our bodies healthy and fit as well. People who exercise and maintain their bodies have less chance to get chronic pain. In short, we can say that exercise is the capsule of every pain. When we work out, our bodies heat up and produce pain killers for all of their pains. It can be hard to start to work out, but almost all healthcare professionals suggest workout and exercise enjoy good health and prevent several health issues like chronic pain.

Below are some best exercises for reducing chronic pain that you can start right now even without joining a gym.

Exercise for low back chronic pain:

Try wall sits, stand 10 to 12 inches from the wall, leave your back with the wall for some time, and slowly bend down your knees and press your lower back with the wall. Apply it for the count of 10 and then carefully slide it back up the wall. Repeat this 8 to 12 times a day.

Lay on the straight floor on your stomach with your hands under your shoulder put your elbows on the floor straightly and keep this condition for a few seconds like 30 to 40.

Lie on the floor straight with bend knees and tighten your stomach muscles and press your back with the floor. Keep this position for 10 seconds while breathing smoothly.

Exercise for neck and shoulder chronic pain:

Sit comfortably on your knees in this position where your arms are resting on your sides and breathe in and out slowly and then take the chin towards the chest. Round your head and complete the circle from the starting point.

Sit on the floor in the cross-legged position, bend your arms, put it back on your neck, and then apply some pressure on your neck and breath normally. Repeat it 10 to 12 times.

Sit comfortably on your knees sit in this position for sometimes when you feel normal then put your arms on the floor in your back push some weight on your arms and led your head down.

Exercise for knees chronic pain:

Lay flat on the floor put your arms straight on your sides and legs also. Keep your muscles tight and slowly lift your leg in a few inches hold your leg up for some seconds and then lower your leg down slowly as much as possible. Repeat the process the same with the other side.

Lie on the floor straight and put your legs and toes straight then slowly leave your leg and bring your knee towards the chest don’t forget to breathe normally. Push and pull your leg from 30 to 40 seconds and then put your leg back on the floor very slowly as much as possible.

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