Amazing health benefits of rice water for skin and hair care

Rice water is the leftover water after cooking rice. When we cook rice in water at a high temperature, some amount of starch will be released and this excess water with starch is known as Rice Water.


Rice water has many health benefits and is cited as a beauty agent as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Rice water was used by women in early times as one of the effective beauty products at home. So if you want to try these home remedies with rice water, check out this post below and experience the change.


Rice water for clear facial skin

Rice water is a rich source of vitamin B and consists of inositol that promotes cell growth along with smoothening the blood flow that results in clear facial skin.


Rice water for softer skin

Rice water works well in softening the skin by removing the dead cells and making your skin flawless and softer skin.




Rice water as a skin toner

Instead of chemical skin toners, you can try the rice water that can smoothen the facial skin and also make it glow.


Rice water as acne

Rice water is good for acne, you can apply rice water on the face using a cotton ball to get rid of acne. Use rice water regularly as it reduces the redness and marks also.


Rice water for treating eczema

Rice water can be used for treating eczema as the starch present in rice water heals the dead cells in eczema. For eczema treatment, apply fresh rice water for 15-20 days on the affected areas to get the needful result.


Rice water for skin lightening

Instead of using costly beauty products, apply rice water for 15 minutes before going to bed at night. Use rice water regularly for one month to get fair and brighter skin.


Rice Water for burnt skin and inflammation

It is revealed that rice water is an effective home remedy for burnt skin and skin inflammation caused by severe heat. It is advised to gently apply rice water twice a day in minor burns.


Rice water for dead skin and rashes

As per the research conducted at Brussels University, patients with atopic dermatitis saw an improvement by 20% after using rice water as a bathing component twice a day.


Rice water for damaged hair

We have previously seen that rice water has inositol, a type of carbohydrate that is effective in improving surface friction, damaged cells, and hair elasticity.

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