Abnormal Hair Growth in Women | Causes of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Problems

Abnormal Hair Growth in Women | Causes of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Problems

Abnormal Hair Growth in Women

Hair loss is a devastating experience for any woman. An
equally delicate problem is when she faces unwanted growth of hair on her face
and body. When a girl grows up and enters puberty, she starts having hair on
specific parts of her body. These hairs are lighter or heavier according to her
origin. A woman whose descent is the Mediterranean has more hairs on her arms
and her legs than that of an Asian origin.


Too much hair on a woman is not considered feminine and
women have the habit of shaving off unwanted hair from their bodies. Today’s
women prefer arms and legs “cut in alabaster”, so much so that normal hair
growth is considered grotesque in American society.


Yet there are millions of ladies who have unwanted and
abnormal hair on their bodies. The hair growth is heavy and there are many
reasons for such hair growth.


The general causes of abnormal hair growth are:

The fat cells of the body can change the weaker forms of
androgen into more potential ones. The Androgen Metabolism causes the hair
growth to be abnormal and the fat cells convert testosterone into DHT or


The ovaries are responsible for producing testosterone and
dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate is produced by the adrenal glands. There are
many instances where the adrenal glands cause heavy growth of hair.


In the body, the hormone levels are managed well and in a
balanced form. The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is produced by the liver
and this binds testosterone. Free androgens create a lot of hair growth.


When a woman gets an abnormal growth of hair, the first
thing she should do is to find a doctor and discusses the problem with him.
Blood tests will determine the imbalance in hormonal levels and when this is
resolved she will not have any more unwanted hair growth. The rest of the
problem can be done away with waxing and other processes of hair removal.

Causes of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Problems

The causes are too many; the right cause of hair loss should
be dealt with care

Hair loss or hair thinning is a major problem for men as
well as women. Hair loss depends on various factors like hereditary factors,
poor nutrition and diet, diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,
and hormonal problem. Hair loss can also occur due to hair infections like
dandruff or lice attack. A woman would face hair loss in her menopausal years
and also during pregnancy where there is a change in the hormonal levels. Many
people would lose hair very early in life while others start losing hair in
their late forties.

First, you must look into the nature of the problem and take
the help of a medical practitioner who can guide your way to the right therapy
and medicines. Here are a few medicines that treat hair loss quite effectively.
Topical cream like Monioxidil is very effective in growing your hair back. It will
definitely not grow the entire hair back, but some regrowth is possible.
Propecia is a medicine to be taken when a person is having hair loss and it is
often thought to be more effective than Minoxidil.

Protein intake is very much necessary for the regrowth of
hair. A person should take the required amount of protein for the nourishment
of hair follicles. Deficiency in protein and other nutrient cause hair loss.

The other reason for hair loss is hormonal dysfunction in
the body. This can be tested through a blood examination and then treatments
should be provided accordingly.

The other probable cause is not having lots of nourishment
to your hair, which can be provided through oil massage regularly. This helps
provide the extra nourishment required for your hair and the massage can be
essentially done by using almond oil or coconut oils.

Another cause of hair loss is various symptoms like
diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problem. Improving health conditions and
glowing general health would invariably improve all hair loss problems. If the
real cause of the hair loss problem is discovered and dealt with, there would
be no more hair loss and you would be soon on your way to enjoy a head full of
shining black hair

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