7 home remedies to control blood pressure

7 home remedies to control blood pressure

People with high blood pressure are always mentally disturbed due to expensive treatment, but such people can easily get rid of the disease at home.
In today’s fast-paced life, most people suffer from high blood pressure due to lack of time, eating disorders, lack of exercise, and mental stress and then constantly trying to control it. Use drugs that can lead to other dangerous diseases.

Experts recommend home remedies to control blood pressure that controls blood pressure, while these 7 home remedies can get rid of blood pressure.



If a patient with high blood pressure eats one or
two bananas a day, it helps to control the disease because bananas are rich in
nutrients and potassium which can reduce the effect of sodium (salts) in our
body by more than 10%. And also plays a role in protecting the kidneys.

Black Pepper

Pepper has antioxidant and antiseptic properties
that are used in daily life to open blood vessels which allow blood flow to
reach the whole body, above all it naturally raises blood pressure. But help lower the level.


Patients who use onions daily have better blood
pressure than those who use medicines because onions are rich in antioxidants
which also help the human body to fight diseases like diabetes and cancer.


Honey is a food that is naturally sweet as well as
used to treat many ailments and the carbohydrates in honey lower blood pressure
by the heart. Mixing two teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm milk before
going to bed at night for two weeks can prevent diseases like blood pressure.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is a winter vegetable that is rich in
Vitamin A, B, C, Iron, Phosphorus and, Calcium. In Pak Wahdat it is used in
food. Not only its leaves but also its seeds are used for treatment as a
large amount of potassium present in fenugreek seeds prevent blood pressure
from rising.


Garlic is very useful in treating the dangerous
factors that cause the hardening of the arteries. In case of high blood pressure,
eating a clove of raw garlic daily can quickly lower blood pressure. Garlic
treats high cholesterol and high blood pressure and prevents the accumulation
of platelets in the arteries as well as the effects of high blood pressure on
the heart, while the use of garlic in food also protects against other


Lemon not only protects the arteries in the body
from hardening but also keeps the blood flow low because the vitamin C in lemon
protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and because lemon is an
antioxidant, it softens the blood vessels Makes flexible …

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