6 Tech Predictions for our world in 2020

6 Tech Predictions for our world in 2020

The white shark Mixpro claims to be the ultimate underwater scooter you may be wondering what an underwater scooter is but trusts us it is something you need in your life right now this device makes scuba diving shockingly easy you simply hold onto the handles of the device and it will pull you through the water with ease.
Image Source – Google | Image by  –https://newatlas.com/marine/mix-pro-underwater-scooter/

It offers a 60-minute battery life in a camera mount so that you can film your underwater adventures it can charge within just two hours and is designed to be used by the whole family so long as everyone is properly trained in its functionality.

it can pull your body up to 1.8 meters per second which are shockingly fast for such a small device it has a low battery alert so you will always know when you need to return to the surface and it can be charged in just two hours when it dies with a price tag of 399 dollars these scooters are priced to sell and will not last long.
One80 Light
One80 light is a new type of headlamp that offers 180-degree illumination for all of your home improvement camping automotive repair or outdoor headlamp needs with the One80 light you can say goodbye to the limited tunnel vision that is provided by most headlamps.
Image Source – Google | Image by  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Mi_StMU3Q

Welcome in One80 light patent-pending technology that helps you see your full peripheral without hassle the headlamp is so lightweight that you will likely forget that you are even wearing it.
 it weighs just 3.3 ounces the headlamp is quite comfortable to wear and doesn’t have any bulky protruding parts to cause discomfort it is fully rechargeable with its built-in micro USB recharging port it can illuminate up to 360 lumens and is available now you can find this light on Amazon.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro
mobile pixels due pro is a portable monitor that is designed to be used with laptops the screen is about 12.5 inches making it the size of most laptop screens this device was designed to give you an increased amount of workspace or a second virtual desktop for those of you.
Image Source – Google | Image by  – https://www.koolpop.co.id/products/mobile-pixels-duex-pro

who may type a lot of edit videos or do photo editing a large screen is a must-have however a secondary screen can often work just as well the screen connects to your device through USB.
it can either mirror your desktop image or extends it is compatible with Mac and PCs and can be found just for 269 dollars the screen offers incredible color accuracy and is suitable for nearly any laptop with USB. connectivity grab them now before they’re gone because these screens will not last long at this price.

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All
ATMOBLUE is a device that we all need now more than ever this device aims to provide clean air for everyone offering a filter rating of around 99.97% meaning this mask can filter out nearly all harmful pollutants that may surround you.  you can breathe fresh and clean air while out in public.
Image Source – Google | Image by  –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4EHtews9nQ

moving the lawn painting your house or countless other applications this mask is designed to be used nearly anywhere and is durable enough to survive through even the most difficult tasks or projects these masks are available for one hundred and forty-nine dollars on IndieGoGo and are expected to ship in August of 2020 considering recent events it is likely that these masks will sell out quite quickly so don’t delay if you are interested in purchasing one too.

beeline is a smart compass that is designed to be used with bikes of various shapes and sizes it’s not uncommon for bikers to need to know their speed and direction while they are traveling most of us use our phones for navigation but phones are very difficult to use while on a bike and post serious risk for motorists and bikers alike this device aims to replace your phone as it.

clips to the handle of your bike and informs you of your traveling direction and your speed automatically you’ll never need to remove your phone from your pocket as it also offers Bluetooth GPS guidance the product is waterproof and Wireless suitable for all of you. biking needs to grab one now on Amazon for just 139 dollars.
Blue Quench Cooler
Blue Quench Qooler is a company responsible for a variety of cooler products. the Blue Quench Qooler is the latest in their lineup this cooler can cool your drinks from room temperature it as little as 60 seconds it is designed to be taken wherever you go it will fit in perfectly at a beach a picnic or a barbecue cookout.

you will be the life of the party with this new device that requires no ice it is completely rechargeable simply turn the cooler on wait a few minutes for your ice-cold beverage.

these coolers aren’t available for sale just yet but they are expected to be available sometime in 2020.

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